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SEO Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Video

Blogging is not the only way to establish a line of communication between your business and your customers. In fact, videos and podcasts are probably the best way to create fun, informative content for your clients. After all, we are living in a multimedia age in which the image is everything. Motion picture is more user-friendly than thousands of words on a page. So you’ve probably thought about making videos for your business site, or have made some videos but aren’t reaching as many people as you’d like.

So here’s a quick post about how to optimize videos for your business.

No discussion of Video Optimization can begin without mentioning YouTube, which is the portal for 95% of the web’s videos. YouTube might be synonymous with trivial, silly videos of people pulling pranks. But don’t be fooled. YouTube offers you tremendous opportunities to shape your brand and cast a bigger net for new clients. For instance, take famous football coach Pete Carroll. He’s been able to build a remarkably successful brand by marketing himself on his YouTube Channel, Pete CarrollTV. You can use YouTube as your own private marketing television campaign.

But like everything else related to Social Media Marketing, you must focus on optimization to make sure new people find your content.

The YouTube algorithm relies on three signals when ranking your videos within YouTube’s search results:

  1. Text in your titles and descriptions
  2. Number of views, and recent trending
  3. Ratings


With that in mind, here’s a long list of ways to optimize your YouTube videos.

Title Text

You have 99 characters to optimize your title text, so consider your target keywords and any other keywords you may want to rank for, but don’t forget including your branding and descriptive text.


You have 5,000 characters, which is a lot, so use all that space to write as much about your video as possible. Because user ratings and views play a factor in your search rankings within YouTube (and therefore Google), make sure to ask for people to rank your video, but also share and embed your video.


Useful for search terms you use in your title text and description, including names and branding.

Comments Section

Make sure to enable comments. The web culture is founded upon interconnectivity and interaction between users. People will be turned off by your business if you expect them to consumer your videos without expecting them to provide any feedback. Ultimately, you want people to be communicating on your comment section. Your goal is to initiate a conversation about your business, and foster a sense of community. If you disable commenting, users will go elsewhere to talk about your video, your brand, or your message.

Video Responses

These help boost views because they are automatically linked to your original.


These have a direct impact on your rankings, so make sure you set this to “yes.”


Blogs and social media shares really boost views, and help your message get to new audiences outside of YouTube, it’s a good idea to keep this enabled.

Post your videos to your Facebook Page and Link your videos on TwitterIt’s all about making sure your as many people see your videos as possible. That’s what Video Optimization is all about.


Encourage others to share your video on social media platforms within the video itself by asking people to share it in your video itself and in the description.


Seed your videos on bookmarking and listing sites.

Press Releases

Distribute links to your videos in press releases and embed them in social media releases.


Promote views of your video by buying them through Google AdWords.

Getting Ratings

Start by ranking your own videos! Also, encourage others to rank your video by asking for it within your video.

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