Thursday, December 22, 2016

Yahoo User Interface Library


I am continually surprised by even good web designers/developers who are unaware of the Yahoo! User Interface Library. I am hoping that this post will help more of them discover this useful resource. If you are a site owner you may want to pass the information on to your designer. Who knows they may thank you for it 🙂

The Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI) is a collection of JavaScript and CSS resources that make it easier to build interactive applications in web browsers. Some like the Event Utility simply make in-browser programming easier while others like the Menu family of components make it a snip to add fly-out menus, customized context menus, or application-style menu bars to your website or web application.

Not only is the YUI Library the same high quality code that is used by Yahoo on its web properties but it is also free for both commercial and non-profit use (subject to minor restrictions).

An additional bonus is that if you’re using YUI for your own project Yahoo is offering free hosting for YUI components, both JavaScript and CSS , gzipped and with good cache-control using their state of the art network.

Support is provided through a Yahoo! User Interface Library Group and there is a YUI Blog for announcements.

I played around with the DataTable control which provides a powerful API to display screen reader accessible tabular data on a web page with sortable columns.

This is what I was able to produce in 15 minutes.

Try clicking on the different column headers to sort the table by that column in ascending or descending order.

ISBN Date Quantity Amount Title
1597800260 9/21/2005 4 $10.50 The Algebraist
0312017529 5/11/1988 3 $24.00 Consider Phlebas
1553374591 6/1/1995 12 $13.50 Feersum Endjinn
0671036688 2/1/2000 6 $8.30 Inversions
0356191605 1/2/1991 6 $28.75 Use of Weapons
0356232700 8/27/2002 8 $12.75 Dead Air

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