Monday, December 19, 2016

Why SEO Ranking is More Valuable than Pay Per Click Advertising

If you’re thinking of how to grow your business on the web, you’re probably wondering whether or not it is a good idea to invest in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). So we’re going to explain why your business will get a MUCH BETTER Return On Investment (ROI) by paying an SEO company to build your organic ranking than to pay Google for Pay Per Click Advertising. Between paying an SEO company and buying PPC Ads, it’s much better value to go with the SEO company.

Quickly, a little background. What is PPC? Basically, it is what has made Google such a fantastically wealthy corporation. Companies pay Google a Pay Per Click Advertising fee, and in return Google places an Ad for the company high atop (and along the side of) the page of any search results that are related to that company.
What is an organic ranking? It is a ranking based on Google’s (or Bing’s or any other search engine’s) algorithm that ranks websites according to popularity. An organic ranking is in stark contrast to a PPC ranking, which is given strong placement simply because it has paid Google for that space.
For instance, if you type in “seo company,” Google’s first page of search results provide you with a number of Search Engine Optimization companies that show up as officially sponsored Ads that are mixed into the page with other SEO companies that are ranked organically.
It’s easy to see distinguish between PPC Ads and the organically ranked sites. PPCs are either shaded in gray at the very top of the page or they run along the sides of the page’s search results.
Take a second to search for something. Notice how the PPCs stand out like a sore thumb. Subconsciously, we all ignore PPCS and look at the organically ranked sites instead.
That’s why you’d much prefer to focus on your organic Search Engine Optimization ranking than PPC.
When people search for products or services on Google, they are looking for the most popular site for 2 reasons. 1) They have short attention spans and click on the sites on the first page of the rankings. 2) Implicitly, people trust the sites that are most popular because popularity reflects credibility.
Also, a great SEO ranking gives your business Google’s stamp of approval! Everybody trusts Google. So if somebody searches Google to find your services and your site shows up at the top of the page, that person is going to trust your company because (s)he trusts Google.
The SEO ranking is more credible to potential clients than a PPC Ad.
Not only that, a good SEO ranking is a much better value than PCC.
Consider: if you pay an Internet Marketing company $1000/month to improve your Search Engine Optimization. You’re going to get a great ROI quickly.
However, PPC Ads cost you money for every click. If you pay Google $40 per click to the site, it’s hard to get a good ROI because not everyone who clicks to your site is going to buy something.
That’s why paying a good Internet Marketing company a monthly fee to improve your SEO is such great value!

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